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Jeff Waite at KPAC Cold Storage

Rich Burke is our President

A 26 year veteran in the Southern California Cold Storage business. Rich came in 2011 after selling his company "E-Street Cold Logistics" to Konoike-Pacific. Rich's past also includes: president and equity owner of The Union Ice Company, and as a Professional Baseball Player (left handed pitcher) with the Kansas City Royals. Rich's talents are most valuable to KPAC for he has the unique gift of balancing both exceptional business and/or sales skills. At Konoike-Pacific, Rich is responsible for: company P&L, customer satisfaction, major account sales/service and strategic planning and expansion.

You can call Rich at:
KPAC Direct: 310-522-1912
Cell Phone: 323-270-1550





Kane Urabe at KPAC Cold Storage

Tamio Nanase is our Vice President Administration

Tamio started his carrier in the logistics field in 1997, joining Japan Airlines Cargo. He has seasoned warehouse, sales and administration experience in both Japan and China. He joined Konoike Transport in 2010 and has spent the last 6 years working in the fields of corporate administration. In 2017 Tamio was transferred to KPAC California. His talents will contribute to further Konoike-Pacific development. At KPAC, Tamio is responsible for: P&L -Financial statements, banking, staffing, accounting, human resources, information technology and corporate Konoike liaison

You can call Tamio at:
KPAC Direct: 310-522-8967
Cell Phone: 310-345-3508





Wayne Lamb at KPAC Cold Storage

Wayne Lamb is our Vice President of Transportation

Wayne began his career in the warehouse industry in 1975 working with Del Monte Foods. Since 1991, Wayne has been in the cold storage industry working for major players like Americold and Millard. In 2014, Wayne will celebrate 12 years with Konoike-Pacific. With nearly 4 decades of warehouse experience, Wayne's daily industry insights are invaluable for both, KPAC and it's customers. At Konoike-Pacific, Wayne is responsible for: Konoike E-Street Operations and P&L, as well as our most valued transportation/drayage division here at KPAC.

You can call Wayne at:
KPAC Direct: 310-522-1911
Cell Phone: 310-930-5326





Doug Lopez at KPAC Cold Storage

Doug Lopez is our Vice President of Sales

Doug brings to KPAC over 30 years of professional sales & business knowledge. His sales field experiences include a combination of IT consulting (fortune 500 companies such as; JPL, Alcoa, The Disney Companies, Union Oil Company, Southern California Edison and former Certified Grocers are just a few), Construction sales, Real Estate Development and Government Contract sales. At Konoike-Pacific, Doug is responsible for; strategic sales planning, direct customer sales solicitation, customer relations, marketing campaigns, and major client contracts.

You can call Doug at:
KPAC Direct: 310-522-8966
Cell Phone: 310-930-4521





Ronnie at KPAC General Cold Storage

Ronnie Ceballos is our Vice President of KPAC General Cold Storage

In 1990 Ronnie entered the accounting world after obtaining a business degree from University of Southern California. Starting with Ernst and Young, Ronnie spent 6 years as an accountant before joining General Cold Storage in 1996 as the company's Controller. With 18 years of experience we can say his insight and awareness for all phases of the cold storage industry is invaluable to KPAC. Konoike-Pacific acquired General in 2007, At Konoike-Pacific General Ronnie is responsible for; operations, P&L, customer relations and sales.

You can call Ronnie at:
K General Direct: 562-927-1755
Cell Phone: 310-325-9450>





West Coast Cold Storage Facility - Long Beach | Los Angeles Port | Freezer Storage

We can handle these needs for you, either in Los Angeles or Long Beach, CA Overweight Corridors: Cold Storage, Transloading, Cross Dock, Product Handling, World Wide Transporation, Large Containers, USDA Inspections, Global Import, Global Export, and Freezer storage.