What We Do

Konoike Group

  • Transloading / Cross Dock
    Your Products in Logistic Motion. We Move 15,000 annual Transloads/Crossdocks - Railcar, Container, Tractor Trailer
  • Product Handling
    We rack it right everyday. We Handle 18,000 containers a year, 40,000 pallet positions, 18 Daily Railcar Spots and Unloads
  • The Cold Storage Facts
    Cold Storage is who we are We Maintain Over 350,000 square feet of Cooler and Freezer storage , -12F to 50F
  • Overweight Corridor
    We haul where others cannot - Overweight drayage is our specialty. We Transport Daily standard and overweight transports to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
  • Transportation
    Always on the Go! Our best practices are on the road We Book Customer Brokerage, 1000 dispatches per week, 37 KPAC drivers, 115 Chassis'
  • USDA Inspections
    Ensuring that your product is safe, healthy and correctly labeled and packaged. We Arrange USDA inspections and assist in the correct certification and authorization of your product.
  • International Import & Export Logistics
    The World has become our Business. We Partner with international import and export companies around the globe
  • West Coast Cold Storage Facility - Long Beach | Los Angeles Port | Freezer Storage

    We can handle these needs for you, either in Los Angeles or Long Beach, CA Overweight Corridors: Cold Storage, Transloading, Cross Dock, Product Handling, World Wide Transporation, Large Containers, USDA Inspections, Global Import, Global Export, and Freezer storage.